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Even though you may not have thought about it before, grazing does indeed prevent the catastrophic wildfires that take human lives, families’ homes and ranches, and kill endangered species.

How does grazing prevent these devastating fires? Well, the primary fuel for many wildfires – especially in the wide open Western United States – is grass. And after extremely wet and snowy winters like the one that we just experienced, those grasslands grow much thicker and taller than usual. In other words, a lot more wildfire fuel as those grasses dry out throughout the summer.

Problem is current federal regulations make it very difficult, if not impossible, for ranchers who have permits to graze their livestock on federal lands to get back onto overgrown fields and help minimize the risk of explosive wildfires.

Below you’ll find a variety of materials spotlighting how grazing on public lands can help lessen the odds of catastrophic wildfires every summer, starting with BLM District Manager Mike Courtney of Idaho discussing how livestock is the cheapest and most effective way to reduce fuel loads.

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